It’s almost the end of the year, and there is a last exhibition to attend according to our roadmap which is Scomdex. Once again we joining forces with Asus to set a booth in their stand and of course we will gladly make for them. We see the entire proposal, and we are aware that this exhibition is the most expensive and the most entertaining for the entire year. And yes, we’re not going halfway into this exhibition.

In this event we collaborating with ARX System and supported by nVidia, ASUS, Corsair, Western Digital, Coolermaster, Aopen and Deepcool to create a Demo PC that utilize the 2nd Graphic card as Physx™ and CUDA® enabled devices. Many comments come from the audience, but likely they all come to one sense… “Wow what kind of game that you played, the effect and the debris is so real… Wow look at the water, the rock and the cloth too!”. Thanks to the nVidia Physx™ the exhibition becomes more entertaining.

And we also give a special demo for the audience, the video encoding using Geforce 9500GT which is surprisingly faster than Intel Core2 Quad Q6600 and the most important thing is it cost more cheaply. Of course in the middle of world economy struggle, we must ensure that our customer has a good value for money, for every goods they purchased from us. And we are also introducing the prototype of Intel Core i7 Custom HSF, the 1st and the only one in Indonesia from Deepcool.


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